Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Advantage

Offering the same coverage as Part A and B, Medicare Advantage grants wider coverage and options. For many particular cases, it is the best way to save money. Our agents will guide you through the right options for you.

Part C: is an alternative to traditional Medicare coverage, including parts A, B, and D, and is administered by private insurance companies.

Medicare Advantage plans, offered through Medicare-contracted private insurance companies, must cover all the services that Original Medicare provides. The real appeal of these plans is the extra benefits, such as vision, dental, hearing, prescription drug coverage, fixed co pays, transportation, and wellness programs. Medicare Advantage plans use these extra benefits to provide considerable value over Original Medicare, not to mention some plans are available at no cost (extra benefits vary by state and plan type). To enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you must maintain Original Medicare Part A and B, and continue to pay your Part B premium and reside in the service area.

Types Of Medicare Advantage Plans

Glasses seem straightforward, but there are so many factors like trifocals, progressives, anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-impacts that complicate things and add up fast. Vision insurance will cover a certain dollar amount every year for your lenses and frames, but it may not cover all optional add-ons.

There are different options available for you depending on your location:


Health Maintenance Organizations offer the largest network of doctors and hospitals, and the lowest premiums, a great option for those who seek affordable preventive care. It´s important to note that all visits and prescriptions should be approved by the plan. You are free to use any provider outside your plan´s network, but as out-of-pocket expenses. Specialists require a referral from your primary care doctor.


Preferred Provided Organization plans offer greater flexibility. Although they also function within a network of doctors and hospitals, PPOs allow you to choose healthcare providers outside their network. It is an excellent choice if you expect to need more specialized treatment, but expect to pay higher out-of-pocket costs.


Private Fee-for-Service plans determine how doctors, healthcare providers and hospitals will get paid each time you get care. No primary care physician and no referrals needed to see specialists. However, providers are not required to accept the plan´s terms, even if they have treated you before. We offer in-depth guidance for those contemplating a PFFS plan.


Special Needs Plans are aimed towards those suffering from certain chronic conditions. However, those who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid can also be enrolled. It extends regular Medicare options to suit particular needs of the beneficiary.


Medical Savings Account plans function like a bank account that can be only used to cover medical expenses. Your plan makes a yearly deposit into a savings account, and you use this money to pay your provider. Deductibles are high, and it does not cover prescription drugs. One of the advantages is that the account is tax-free.

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