Healthcare Enrollment Checklist

Enrolling in a healthcare plan requires specific information.  Spending a little time upfront to pull together the items that you will need can help save considerable time when you apply for a plan. This information is primarily on yourself and others in your household. Please have this information with you when speaking to a licensed insurance agent.



What is required to apply for healthcare?


Name & DOB

The names and dates of birth for each person in your household.


Home Address

Your home address and the home address of anyone in your household if it is different from your own.


Social Security Numbers

You will need the social security number of each person in your household that you are applying for insurance coverage for. 


Income & Employer information

Employer and income information for each person in your household.


Current Marketplace Plan Information

You will need the Plan ID for anyone who currently has Marketplace coverage in your household.


Native Americans

Native Americans will need a Tribal Identification Card or Certificate of Indian Blood.


Immigration Documents

You’ll be asked to provide information from immigration documents if anyone on your application a legal immigrant.


How You File Taxes

You may be asked about your filing status and who you claim as a dependent on your taxes if you file federal income taxes.


Professional Enrollment Assistance

If you received assistance from a broker, agent or enrollment counselor, you will need to have the information about this person  available.


Health Insurance Policy Information

If anyone seeking insurance in your household currently has a health insurance plan, you will need the policy numbers from their health insurance card or the plan documents.

How long does the process take?

 The time that it takes to fill out an application for coverage can vary depending on the coverage you are applying for and the number of people applying for coverage. The good news is, you can start the application and return later to finish entering your information. Click the button below to get started.

Why is speaking with a licensed insurance agent that specializes in Individual Family & Health helpful? We provide expert guidance on available HMO, PPO, and Indemnity plan options. A licensed agent will educate you on plan features such as physician networks, and cost analysis for the following: premiums, copays, deductibles. Throughout the enrollment process and post-enrollment, you will have a personal contact to assist with questions, claims, or concerns, should any arise.

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