Group Vision Insurance

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Our Plans Provide

At Key Health, you will be able to find cost-effective solutions that provide both flexibility and a wide array of choices for you and your employees.

Preventative care

Annual eye tests coverage in most plans.

Quality coverage

Glasses or contact lenses allowance.

Wide choice

A network of ophthalmologists and optometrist services throughout the country.

Flexible plans to suit your employees’ needs and meet your budget.

Talk to one of our licensed agents today! They can help you find the right vision health plan for your business.

What Are The Advantages Of Signing Up For Group Vision Health Insurance?

There are many benefits for you as an employer for providing vision insurance. These include boosting employees’ drive, talent retention, and savings.

Studies have shown that benefits are one of the perks that employees value more, and health benefits are on top of that list. The top thing seekers take into consideration when searching and applying for jobs is health benefits. It even trumpets salary. Offering vision health insurance will likely make it easier for you to find and keep the candidates for your company.

Considering that the majority of jobs nowadays involve using a computer screen in one way or another, vision insurance helps keep your employees’ eyes healthy, so they can continue working as efficiently as ever.

Did You Know That There Are Tax Incentives For Employers And Employees Who Are Part Of A Group Health Plan?

In the case of businesses, they can deduct 100% of the contributions they made towards premiums pay on a qualifying group health policy. If you are a business owner and you offer this benefit as part of a complete compensation package, you might be able to decrease payroll taxes with tax-free health insurance benefits. This represents savings for your employees. If you think about it, it’s a win-win situation!

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