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Preventive and Basic Care

More than 90% of all diseases and illnesses manifes orally. The importance of dental coverage cannot be overstated.

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About Dental Insurance

Dental coverage allows consumers to get routine exams and cleanings needed to maintain dental and overall health. In fact, research shows that more than 90% of all diseases and illnesses manifest orally; including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. At Key Health Plans, we believe that oral health is essential for everyone. We are determined to simplify the insurance search process to save you both time and money.

If you’ve had health insurance, you’re going to be familiar with how a dental plan works. You pay a premium, a certain amount monthly, to buy the plan. Your deductible is what you must pay out-of-pocket for services covered by your plan before the insurance company pays.

Dental insurance is organized to help you save money on dental services of all levels:

  • Preventative
  • Basic
  • Major

Understanding Dental insurance and what is or isn’t covered is key to finding the right plan for you. The level of dental services you’re looking to have covered will determine the type of dental plan you will need.

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Why is speaking with a licensed insurance agent that specializes in Marketplace Insurance helpful? We provide expert guidance on available HMO, PPO, and Indemnity plan options. A licensed agent will educate you on plan features such as physician networks, and cost analysis for the following: premiums, copays, deductibles. Throughout the enrollment process and post-enrollment, you will have a personal contact to assist with questions, claims, or concerns, should any arise.

How Do Dental Plans Work?

Dental plans regularly covers 2 visits a year. X rays, cleanings and X-rays are included. It is common to find plans that also cover root canal treatment, crowns and extractions.

As dental care is not often included in most health plans, it is a good idea to purchase a separate plan if you’re concerned about your dental health.

Procedures such as periodontics, bridges, and dentures, might also be covered after a waiting period. And some plans even cover orthodontia for cosmetic reasons.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces And Orthodontist Services?

Major medical insurance plans do not typically include dental coverage. It is most often a supplemental plan that you need to purchase separately.

When it comes to braces and orthodontics, it is important to know what your dental insurance covers and what different coverage exists for both children and adults.

What Plans Cover Orthodontics?

In some cases, private individual and family plans offer dental insurance for braces. Employer-sponsored dental insurance plans sometimes contain this optional coverage. If you discover that your current policy does not cover orthodontics, you can supplement it with a more inclusive dental plan.

Some Standard Plans Include The Following Orthodontic Services For Adults And Children:


Orthodontic treatment


Pre- and post-orthodontic treatment

What Dental Services Will Low-Cost Dental Insurance Cover?

Most low-cost dental insurance plans cover basic treatments such as checkups, X-rays, and cleanings. Oftentimes, these can be covered 100%, or with a modest copayment, depending on your plan. Most plans will cover you for a regular dental checkup every six month.

Some costly procedures might be partially covered by your family dental insurance plans. Some examples of these treatments are:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Periodontics
  • Dentures
  • Tooth bonding

Do I Have To Pay A Penalty If I Don’t Have Dental Coverage?

Plans inside health insurance marketplaces must offer pediatric dental coverage, however dental coverage is optional, even for children. Hence, not enrolling a child into a dental plan will not cost a penalty.

Isn’t A Dental Discount Plan Just Cheap Dental Insurance? What’s The Difference?

Dental insurance is a type of health insurance where you pay a premium and after any deductibles or copays, insurance pays for covered dental expenses either in full or partially up to an annual maximum.

Dental discount plans operate more like price clubs. You pay a fee, and you get access to certain discounted rates at select dentists. There’s no payout from the discount plan company to your dental provider.

Is It Worth The Expense?

Most major medical health plans don´t include dental coverage. Dental plans are usually purchased separately from health insurance, and some consumers wonder if it’s worth the expense. However, since it has been proven that oral care goes together with overall physical health, dental insurance should never be overlooked.

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